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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Phenomenal Yankee captain and shortstop who has brought new meaning to the word YANKEE.

Who is Derek Jeter? Well, let's learn about him through his writing.

Derek's high looped, rounded, flowing letters in his name D in Derek and J in Jeter portray his fluid, quick, powerful movements and yet show his strong ego structure and romantic leanings. The strong upstrokes in his loops (called upper zone in handwriting) show his optimistic, visual, far-reaching superior grace and rhythmic movement. The cover strokes (covered upper zone letters) are the way he keeps his moves and strategy of play to himself always keeping the audience and competing team on their toes. One never knows what will be the next move.

It is interesting to note that when the Yankees win...they often come in to score the winning numbers in the last inning surprising all who are captivated by the passionate, tense, excited last minute home run. Derek always wins!!!!!

Born to an African American father and mother of Irish-German descent he is still single and that may very well be a good thing. With his overly expansive upper zone, rounded letter forms and fluid movements, he may very well be making the best of his passionate senusality and need for freedom of expression.
With his many awards "American League Rookie of the Year," "Silver Slugger Award," "Gold Gove Award," All-Star Game MVP Award, " and "World Series MVP Award," it is not surprising that in 2007 he was named, THE FACE OF THE YANKESS! And what a nice face it is.


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