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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frank Abagnale Jr.

The infamous Frank Abagnale, Jr. the check forger, escape artist, Pan Am, impersonator, also faked a law and medical career, penned the bottom postcard signature in the early years of his crimes. Portrayed in the film, "Catch Me If You Can" acted by Leonardo di Caprio, the real Frank was a charming, brilliant, charismatic thief, liar and con-man who took on various roles in his life. His escapades began after his parents divorced and he ran away from home. His imprisonment and subsequent release was brought on by the FBI who realized he would be of better use to them within the government than in prison. His skill in check forgery helped them to set up guidelines to protect banks from these schemes. Today a successful businessman, he owns his own company, works with the FBI, teaches, lectures and shares his knowledge in securities protection.
The top sample is his current signature which is what is known as "facaded writing". It has all the smooth edges of a carefully, calculated script, one designed to make a good impression. It is clear, legible, smooth and charming. But notice, his W turns leftward. There are still ties to his past. He has taken his past exploits and incorporated into his future ventures.

His early handwriting is the restless, angled, hooked writing of an angry, restless man. The W pulls backward, the second mound higher than the first (need for power) while his ending stroke in his last name (e) turns into a huge, counter hook almost as long in distance as his name. The hook is symbolic of many traits (possessiveness, jealousy, envy, greed) in his angled, youthful script. It has different meanings in other styles of writing. Since the hook is in his last name (father's name) it indicates difficulties with the father. His angled writing is a sign of superior inellect within the con-artist mentality. These ending hooks are also seen in the writing of Paul Newman, Steven Spielberg and others who had paternal problems. The photograph is current while the signature was written in his youth.

Frank Abagnale: The True Story of a Real Fake...Catch Me If You can. A great movie.


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