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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Glenn Beck's signature from his book The Christmas Sweater is formed with a rounded strong lower zone (looped g) in his name glenn. Notice the g in Glenn is written with a small letter instead of a capital. The small letter shows that internally he really does not feel as important as his position might imply. The large lower part of the g which is looped, rounded and full portrays emotion, sensitivity and depth of "feeling". Glenn is in the style of Carl Jung, an(extraverted feeling type).
The B in Beck which swirls like an 8 and threads shows his literary ability. While many of his letters are not finished (he has a lot more to accomplish in his life) it is the signature of a kind, loving, warm man. Glenn is very honest about his background and does not put on airs. The flow in his writing shows flexibility and a willingness to embrace the thoughts of others; however, his strong heavy pen pressue (deep emotions and feelings) and thready writing is that of a man who does not back down . Of course other signatures portray more in depth info. He is a deep person with genuine feelings. He is also a strong "love oriented personality type" meaning that he truly wants to be liked and loved. His opinions are real and come from strong emotions. Like any talk show host some will like him and others not.


Blogger yiddy said...

This is so true...
Thanks Roxanne Perri....

2:53 PM  
Blogger jewishgraphologist said...

Glenn went through a lot being a recovering alcoholic and has a truly kind nature.

11:46 AM  

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