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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

John Edwards

How disappointing to find out that John Edwards is such a liar.
I was fooled by his charm....so today I decided to check out his handwriting.
The lesson is this...check the handwriting first and then you will know the truth.
His writing is all angles, threads and hooks.
So if we just go slow...
1. Angles indicate cleverness, will-power, determination,
2. Combined with thready writing - remember thready writing has no shape, form or design but looks like unravelled ribbon - but John Edwards has no unravelled ribbons just elusive, angled threads meaning he has a nature that is hard to pin down and
3. Combined with hooks which shows possessiveness, tenacity, perseverence and persistence and
4. Arcades (arcades look like an opened umbrella or penny arcade (a sign of cover ups)
These four graphological features together with other traits indicate lying.
Large size of course shows large ego.
Moral of the story: Check the writing first and then the person.


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