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Monday, July 07, 2008


The writing of Anderson Cooper is basically angled and thread.

This type of writing usually belongs to a private person who does not really feel comfortable with others knowing too much about him. So, with respect to his personal integrity, it would be better to focus on what the angle and thread means in career terms. This is the quintessential entrepreneur who has "angles" in his thinking, meaning analytical ability and the intelligence to plan, organize, improvise and follow through on ideas. The tall letters show leadership ability, perseverence, a need for power and control and the independence to make this happen. Large writing combined with angles and threads are usually seen in writings of successful people. They can adapt, adjust and articulate their needs but are not necessarily comfortable with their personal feelings and emotions due to the fact that they use their intellect first and protect feelings through their illusive thread-like writing. Which is all fine with me. As the CNN anchor, the writing shows he is very well suited for this position. While a leader, he is more of an individual and is not necessarily looking for others to follow him but prefers his own independent style.


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