What is a Graphologist? Graphology is the scientific study of handwriting. Handwriting Analysis is the art and science of personality and character evaluation. A Graphologist who uses gestalt graphology combines the spiritual with the physical thereby integrating the mind/body/soul connection.

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I am a professional handwriting analyst with over 30 years experience and studied at the National Society of Graphology. My masters is in Marital Therapy and I have a backround in Education and am a former private investigator. You can reach me at roxyperri@yahoo.com THE FOLLOWING BLOG IS A COPYRIGHT PROTECTED.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What does it mean to "heal through handwriting?"

It means that when you have your handwriting analyzed, like the many celebrities on this blog you hold the KEY to your mind/body/soul connection. Handwriting analysis is the scientific study of handwriting and gives clues to your personality, character, intellect, emotional capacity, level of functioning, and potential for relationships.

It holds the KEY to your past/present/future. Why? Because you have lived in the past, are currently living in the present and will have a future. By understanding the dynamics of who you were, it is easier to learn where you might be headed.

HEALING THROUGH HANDWRITING is a technique combining handwriting analysis, therapeutic interventions, and graphotherapy which has been around for thousands of years dating back to England, France, Switzerland, Hungry, Israel and the United States. It is a process that helps you discover your personality, uncover your hidden talents and potential and allow you to bring your potential into actuality.

You are among bankers, realtors, attorneys, physicians, healers and celebrities who have all benefited from handwriting analysis. The journey into your soul starts here. Take the journey to a more well defined, more loved, more harmonious, joyful individual by unlocking the keys to your strengths, successes and shared fortunes.

HEALING THROUH HANDWRITING can be accomplished by calling Roxanne Perri, the founder of The National Handwriting Center at 305.710.2791 or emailing roxyperri@yahoo.com.

Prices and reports can be viewed at http://www.nationalhandwritingcenter.blogspot.com

And don't forget to view the many celebrities on this blog.


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Blogger Roxanne Perri said...

Thanks Emma for your support

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