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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Sara Palin's signature is strong, bold and large. So what does it mean.
Let's take a look and analyze it.
1. Her name is large indicating a need for recognition.
2. The letters are connected showing fluid thinking and tenacity.
3. The Sarah is legible showing a directness in her ego.
4. The Palin is a bit illegible, thready which says there is some secret there.
5. The hooked S at the bottom says she is persistent and goes after what she wants.
6. The overly inflated P in Palin is a sign of sensuality, imagination and fantasy.
She could be more practical in some areas as it is overly inflated.
7. The writing is more physical than intellectual and somewhat showy.
8. Overinflated capitals show lack of detail and a need for better planning.


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