What is a Graphologist? Graphology is the scientific study of handwriting. Handwriting Analysis is the art and science of personality and character evaluation. A Graphologist who uses gestalt graphology combines the spiritual with the physical thereby integrating the mind/body/soul connection.

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I am a professional handwriting analyst with over 30 years experience and studied at the National Society of Graphology. My masters is in Marital Therapy and I have a backround in Education and am a former private investigator. You can reach me at roxyperri@yahoo.com THE FOLLOWING BLOG IS A COPYRIGHT PROTECTED.

Monday, November 27, 2006


One of the most rhythmic handwritings portrays his sensitivity, even disposition and gentle quality. His voice is like satin.

Handsome, charming and loveable. His half circled J in Johnny indicates some areas of incompleteness from his past and the half circle shows his need for love, affection and acceptance which was not always forthcoming or completed. His writing is one of melody, harmony and gentility.

A dreamer who put his dreams into reality.


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