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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Hollywood icons Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are another example of a couple that lasted in the drama of the tinsel town. I guess it was a good move to Connecticut to restore sanity to sin city. While both had successful careers, Paul Newman was clearly in more need of recognition and attention than Joanne. His large, circular, expansive signature (need for attention and ego satisfaction), his hooked ending stroke (drive, ambition and staying power) are enhanced by the steady, secure, backhand writing of his wife who was the secure foundation of the home. While she is certainly talented, beautiful and intelligent, it is her common sense (good middle zone), ability to maintain poise and dignity(backhand) while producing and writing for many programs. Her clearly connected letter forms (logic and reason) provided a normal, down-to earth environment for him. Her writing is solid, stable, reliable and down-to-earth; while he being more flamboyant (large writing) and restless (hooks on letters) needed her to balance out his passionate energy. Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, one of my favorites, highlights his charm, talent and force. His widow Joanne Woodward well always be remembered in her own right, not just as the beautiful wife of Paul but the high class star with many films to her credit.

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Angelina Jolie (bottom script) and Bradd Pitt, (top script) obviously have much in common.
They both have an angled script which depicts the cool, calculating writings of those who know exactly what they are doing, are driven and go after what they want. There are no accidents here. Both are aware of their plans and go after their goals with gusto, conviction, force and energy. All their movies are fast paced, action-oriented, and sharply shaped. Bit where is the love-oriented (round writing which is missing) that shows compassion, sympathy, understanding and caring? The future will reveal their real union and sensitivity toward their many children. The thready writing of the entrepreneur combined with the angled businessman writing makes perfect sense in their union and the future of their offspring in time will tell. Brad Pitt's hooked P clearly shows his possessive hook. It is unlikely that she had to do too much chasing to get him. His possessive, bottom hook makes him an unlikely victim of sentimentality.

Frank Abagnale Jr.

The infamous Frank Abagnale, Jr. the check forger, escape artist, Pan Am, impersonator, also faked a law and medical career, penned the bottom postcard signature in the early years of his crimes. Portrayed in the film, "Catch Me If You Can" acted by Leonardo di Caprio, the real Frank was a charming, brilliant, charismatic thief, liar and con-man who took on various roles in his life. His escapades began after his parents divorced and he ran away from home. His imprisonment and subsequent release was brought on by the FBI who realized he would be of better use to them within the government than in prison. His skill in check forgery helped them to set up guidelines to protect banks from these schemes. Today a successful businessman, he owns his own company, works with the FBI, teaches, lectures and shares his knowledge in securities protection.
The top sample is his current signature which is what is known as "facaded writing". It has all the smooth edges of a carefully, calculated script, one designed to make a good impression. It is clear, legible, smooth and charming. But notice, his W turns leftward. There are still ties to his past. He has taken his past exploits and incorporated into his future ventures.

His early handwriting is the restless, angled, hooked writing of an angry, restless man. The W pulls backward, the second mound higher than the first (need for power) while his ending stroke in his last name (e) turns into a huge, counter hook almost as long in distance as his name. The hook is symbolic of many traits (possessiveness, jealousy, envy, greed) in his angled, youthful script. It has different meanings in other styles of writing. Since the hook is in his last name (father's name) it indicates difficulties with the father. His angled writing is a sign of superior inellect within the con-artist mentality. These ending hooks are also seen in the writing of Paul Newman, Steven Spielberg and others who had paternal problems. The photograph is current while the signature was written in his youth.

Frank Abagnale: The True Story of a Real Fake...Catch Me If You can. A great movie.

THE TRIO : Reagan, Jodie and John

What do these three have in common? Ronald Reagan, Jodie Foster and John Hinckley were caught in a macabre plot.

John Hinckley portrays the sick, twisted, obsessive
angry, violent person as manifested in his scratchy, printed, blotchy, smeary handwrting. The base line vacillates, (moods), his pen pressure is muddy (violent) and his small, illegible, fractured script (disturbed, dangerous ego) has all the hallmarks of violence. His target: PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN. Why: To impress Jodie Foster who played the prostitute in the movie Taxi Driver.

President (former) Ronald Reagan was shot by Hinckley in an effort to impress Jodie Foster with whom he was obsessed.

Ronald Reagan has the smooth, calm, backhand script with its easy legibility. His letters are clear, precise, simplified portraying his genuine nature. He came up against a violent, angry man who wished to impress Jodie and got caught up in this pitiful plot.

Jodie Foster was the victim of Hinckley's obsessive fantasies. Through no fault of her own she became his fantasy love image. Jodie's handwriting, in reality is highlighted by her rounded upper loops in J and F (her own fantasies and dreams) while her lower zone thrusts in a dagger like stroke (ability to cut off relationships at her discretion). Her writing shows both a soft and hard edge to her persona.

Hinckley was motivated by erotomania and was stalking her. His writing is introverted although he came from a wealthy family where his father was the Chairman of the Vanderbilt Energy Company and his mother doted on him, his handwriting is reclusive and he had limited friendships. He was clearly withdrawn from society and lived in his own fantasy world. While experts testified he was depressed with a psychotic disorder, he was not insane. He knew full what he was doing when he purchased a gun, followed Jodie to New Haven, Connecticut, wrote her love letters and poems and planned the attempted assassination. He even recorded a song, "Ballad of an outlaw" which reflects his awareness of his loneliness and lawlessness. His insecurity is presented in his letter to Jodie, "I never had the nerve to approach you." His scattered, fragmented, illegible, lonely, fractured script testifies to this. Of the shooting he writes, "the shooting was the greatest love offering in the history of the world." While these thoughts are certainly insane, he was not.

Alan Alda

Alan Alda was one of the most beloved actors on MASH and will long be remembered for his Hawkeye Pierce character on the mini series which ran in the 70's and 80's. His charm, wit, intelligence, good looks and unique personality are not by accident. He won 5 emmy's and 6 golden globes. He is a an educated man with a BS in English and wrote 19 episodes of MASH. He is one of the few lucky ones to have a 50+ year marriage, children, grandchildren and a stable family life. However, like many who aspire to acting as an escape or a creative, artistic outlet, he did not always have an easy early childhood. He contracted polio at 7 from which he recovered and his mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is known to be involved in charity work and has excelled as an actor, director, screen writer. He honed his skills while serving as a gunnery officer in the U.S. Army and is an activist for women's causes. He says, "I am most at home on the stage." Lucky for us! A genuinely nice guy.
His handwriting is traditional with no flourishes, exaggerations or artificial lettering. It is simple, direct, to the point and genuine. The right slant of extroversion is carefully written with legible letters forms: a sign he wants to be understood and appreciated. While he says, "I am an angry person, angrier than most people would imagine" he was able to put those emotions into his character on MASH. He is one decent, creative, honest guy!